Every Kid Should Have a Dog and Every Dog Should Have a Kid

January 6, 2016


My father grew up with dogs.  My mother grew up with dogs.  And, I (and my siblings) were blessed by growing up with dogs.  I hope that you have been able to experience this blessing too.


Dogs are great teachers.  They teach us unconditional love, how to be a needed friend when no words are spoken and they even teach us that there is always one more morsel to find in an empty pizza box.




Growing up with a dog teaches kids responsibilities. Just like the popular ‘virtual pet’ Tomagotchi toys, real dogs must be loved and cared for daily, but a virtual pet will never be able to return the love of a dog.  Raising a dog is a wonderful and fun way for kids to learn to be responsible for certain duties and chores.  It was my responsibility to feed our Cocker Spaniel and to clean the yard of her droppings.



kid-995405_960_720 This is why I am a firm believer that every kid should have a dog and every dog should have a kid (no matter the age of the dog or the kid).  If this were ever to happen, our world would be a much friendlier, helpful, supportive, peaceful and loving world to live in.  There would also be a lot more balls, bones and flying discs (Frisbees).  More of us would want to play fetch, share an ice cream cone and roll                                                             over for tummy tickles.





Who can resist the allure of a new puppy (I love the smell of puppy breath and wish it were available as an air freshener), throwing a ball for a dog who will always bring it back for more or sharing the couch with your dog while watching TV.  It doesn’t matter that there are dog hairs in your new car because when you get out of the car, there will be more dog hairs in your bed next to the leather bone that you couldn’t find.


funny-man-and-dog-wallpaper-for-ipad-2,1024x768,ipad-2-wallpaper Kids of all ages are blessed with these dog loving experiences.  If you have also, you know what a joy it is to have a dog in your life.  The younger a kid is able to experience this, the more dog love experiences he/she will have.  But it is never to late to become a kid with a dog.  They will always provide unconditional love and companionship to anyone in any status of life.



Ed Sun and Gold 111815 (2)  I hope that these ramblings bring memories or wishes to you and that they put a dog love smile on your face and in your heart because that is the mission of DailyDoseofDogLove.com   Please come again for another daily dose of dog love and share it with your loved ones and friends.


Woof and Blessings,














Time Out! For the Future of Dogs, Dog Lovers and Me

January 5, 2016


Time Out!  Hold the Boat!  Stop the (blog) Presses!  Detour!

Warning!  Warning!  Warning!


DailyDoseofDogLove.com is using today’s post as an opportunity to apply for an educational/business scholarship to explore the future possibilities that DDDL can achieve.


The mission of DailyDoseofDogLove.com is, to bring a dog love smile to the face and heart of each visitor to this website (blog).  If you currently have a dog, ever had a dog or ever want to have a dog, this is the place for you to get your daily dose.  Whether you actively work or play with your dog every day or if you can’t have a dog for health or any other reason, DailyDoseofDogLove.com wants to be your source for a daily dose of dog love.


Ed and Alpha Portrait (2)

I’m Ed Skurka, a consummate dog lover with 23 years of experience sharing my dogs with people in my world.  I have visited schools, hospitals, nursing homes and orphanages with my Harlequin Great Dane, Alpha for 10 years, my two Golden Retrievers together for two years and with one of them, Gold for 13 years as a dog therapy provider and a dog lover who loves to share his dogs.



During my career as a contractor, my dogs went to work with me almost every day. They’ve met people in places from banks to beaches to ice cream parlor parking lots. Wherever we went, people, kids and adults wanted to meet my dogs and I loved the opportunity to share them.


Ed Sun and Gold 111815 (2)

I don’t currently have a dog, although I do walk and dog sit two neighbors’ dogs, Molly (a Lhasa Apso) and Dakota (a Whoodle – Wheaton Terrier x Poodle). They provide me my daily dose of dog love.  But, I know that there are so many people who do not or cannot have a dog in their lives.  That’s why DailyDoseofDogLove.com was created; to be a resource for a daily dose of dog love for anyone wanting or needing a dog love smile.



Do you remember the scholarship that I mentioned above?  Its application asks the following questions.  Here they are with my responses:


Who are you at the core and what do you stand for?

  • I am a dog lover creating a daily dog love resource for a massive market of people wanting a daily dog love smile. If everyone had a daily dose of dog love, it would be a much better world


What are you building? (Your mission/business/cause)  

  • The mission of Daily DoseofDogLove.com is to bring a dog love smile to the face and heart of each visitor to the website. I have a strong desire to do this in an altruistic sense, but the potential market for ancillary dog related products is massive.  While a visitor most likely will not be visiting to buy dog food or leashes, there is a lucrative market in memorabilia, emotion and sentiment based products (mugs and pictorial/slogan clothing) and gifts for themselves and loved ones who are dog owners.


Who specifically are you trying to help?

  • I want to provide a service to the segment of dog lovers who currently do not or cannot have a dog in their lives. Research indicates that this is a large market.  By providing entertaining, interesting and educational content of value to this market and filling even a small percentage of this niche, I can create a profitable stream of income from a subject that I am passionate about and that I can be proud of while giving great value, pleasure and entertainment to others.


Why is this mission important to you?

  • This mission is important to me because of my passion for dogs and dog lovers. There is a bond of communication like no other between dog lovers. It is an opportunity for me to serve people who, like me, love dogs, but who do not or cannot have one.  While serving this population with value driven content, I can build a business around my avid passion.  I do have a big vision, it is a big market and I do have something of great value to share with the world.  Your mentoring will expedite the possibilities.


How do you intend to give back to the world?

  • The mission of DailyDoseofDogLove.com is to give altruistically to the world by its content.  By creating a profitable business around this service, I will be able to donate to and help support worthy causes of interest to me ( dog rescue and welfare, Wounded Warriors and children with life threatening illnesses).




Dog Love
Dog Love

I hope that I have your moral support for winning this scholarship.  The mentoring of its sponsor, Bradley Will of www.LearnToBlog.com will be extremely helpful to the development of DailyDoseofDogLove.  DDDL started through inspiration from Bradley’s Challenge to blog daily for 30 days which started on November 17th.  Todays post is day 49.  (If you want a real challenge, build a blog with the word “daily” in it).


Bradley is an experienced blogger who has created a million dollar business around his passion.  I find him to be an inspiring and motivational teacher and learning from his experience of mistakes and successes will help DailyDoseofDogLove.com become the success that it deserves to be.


20151214150410 May you have a dog love smile on your face and your heart, the mission of DailyDoseofDogLove.com Please share your daily dose with other dog lovers.


Woof and Blessings,














A Quote and Story About Kids and Dogs

January 4, 2016


There is an old expression about kids and dogs that I’ve heard many times.  The way that I remember hearing it is, “Never go on stage after a kid or a dog.” Practically translated, it means, basically that they are a hard act to follow and that you will probably bomb in comparison.


W.C. Fields and Dog
          W.C. Fields and a Dog

Until I Googled the quote today, I had no idea who it was attributed to.  Actually, Google returned no hits on the exact wording above, but it did reveal a similar quote that is probably the root of what I’ve heard.  It is attributed to the famous actor/comedian, W.C. Fields.  “Anyone who hates kids and dogs can’t be all bad.”    The paraphrased version that I’ve heard was probably the interpretation of a stand-up comedian who had to follow a kid and dog act – and bombed.


In either case, I had a similar experience several years ago.  My second career has been as a public speaking trainer.  I have helped thousands of students and adults grow from fear and anxiety to comfort and confidence as a speaker.  One day, I was invited to speak to a group of high schools students.  The principal had gathered about 100 students in a sunny sky lighted rotunda.


He had just finished his opening remarks and was about to introduce me to the attentive audience when all of a sudden everyone’s attention shifted.  The principal lost total control of the audience as we wondered what was happening.  Then, we discovered the source of the disruption and the explanation was evident.


Beagle Puppy
                               Beagle Puppy

Out of the crowd walked a small Beagle puppy.  No one knew where he came from.  He just wandered in.  All the students wanted to pet him as he walked through the crowd.  The dog did a great job of working the crowd as he visited almost everyone in the room.  It took 5-10 minutes for the principal to regain control of the audience.  Yes, I too petted him when I got the chance.


After much glee and laughter, we continued with the program which pales in comparison to being able to tell this story.  Now, I too have a story about the wisdom of ‘not going on stage after a kid or a dog’.


I am proud to tell this story because I am proud of my public speaking training work with students (and adults).  But, it also adds another dog story to my repertoire.  It is further proof of our love for dogs and some of the crazy things that they do.


I hope that this story has put a dog love smile on your face and in your heart because that is the mission of DailyDoseofDogLove.com


Woof and Blessings,










Dogs and Doggie Bags

January 3, 2016

The last few posts here have been about new obligations and responsibilities that we take on when we get a new dog or puppy.  Tomorrow’s post will continue in that theme, but I got a bit side tracked by an event in my life today.


A 10am call from one of my sisters, reminded me of a visit that we had planned for 1pm today.  I had forgotten all about it and suddenly, my plans changed for the day.  The change was good, because I was looking forward to the visit.  I simply forgot to put it on my calendar.



Doggy Bag
Doggy Bag (spelling)

The outcome of the visit was the inspiration for today’s topic — Doggie Bags.  Ever since I can remember, the words “doggie bag” have always been used in a loving and happy connotation in our family.  Note* – we are not talking about doggie poop bags.  We’re talking about the wonderful extra food from a restaurant or a family meal.


Doggie bag, according to Merriam Webster dictionary, is defined as, “a container for leftover food to be carried home from a meal eaten at a restaurant”.  They attribute the first usage in 1963 as, “Origin of doggie bag:1doggy; from the presumption that such leftovers are intended for a pet dog.”

Well, wouldn’t that be assumed?  We did — until we started broadening the term.



Broaden, as in, “There is so much food left, let’s make Eddie (me) a doggie bag.  That’s how the tradition started in our family.  Mom always did it and now, years later, my three sisters and my sister in law and a few friends and neighbors, still do it – much to my gustatory pleasure and my weight challenge.



"My owner is a bachelor. May I have a human bag."
“My owner is a bachelor. May I have a human bag.”

Back to the inspiration for this ‘doggie bag’ post.  The visit today was to the home of our (real) Polish cousins who have spoiled us with delicious Polish food since they came to America many years (and doggie bags) ago.  As usual (a tradition that I love), they fed us like royalty and we washed the meal down with a few shots of real Polish vodka.  I cherish every visit with Adam and Theresa and I know that Theresa will always send me home with a doggie bag of her mouthwatering specialties.  Yesterday, pirogues and bigos, a cabbage stew with pork, kielbasa, mushrooms, onions and tomatoes and homemade pastries for dessert were on the menu.  Are your taste buds awake yet?  Mine are.



I started a fasting regimen at midnight on December 31st.  So, I was two and a half days into my fast when we went to visit our cousins.  I had originally intended to stay on my total (water) fast – until my sister reminded me that NOT eating might hurt their feelings.  I would be breaking a long family tradition and I certainly didn’t want to do that, for more reasons than one.  Family tradition, love and respect for our cousins and lots of scrumptious Polish food swayed me to break the integrity of my fast.  And, as a result, I had a great meal and a great doggie bag.  So, I did it and I’m happy about it.  I also restarted my fast at 12:01am this morning.


The lessons learned here are that our visit and my fast shared a scheduling conflict, I truly love my cousins and their Polish cooking, I can always start another fast and I love doggie bags – especially the ones from my Polish cousins.


I may have rambled on here a bit, but doggie bag is the operative word because I love dogs and doggie bags.  I hope that you have happy doggie bag stories in your life – because of your dogs or loved ones in your family who always give you doggie bags.  I also hope that my doggie bag story has put a dog love smile on your face and in your heart.  That is the mission of www.DailyDoseofDogLove.com


Woof and Blessings,












A Must Do ‘NEW’ With a New Puppy

January 2, 2016


On a Leash
On a Leash

In yesterday’s post, we considered the ‘NEWS’ of the New Year.  Did you make new commitments to work out, diet and lose weight?  I did.  Did you make a commitment to focus your attention on things at home or work that just didn’t get done in 2015?  I did.  Or, have you committed yourself (and perhaps your whole family) to new obligations and responsibilities for the new year — as in, you got a new puppy or dog for Christmas.  I didn’t get a new puppy, but I’ve had many dogs and I love dogs.



Cute Dog
Cute Dog

A new dog or puppy entails many new responsibilities like feeding, grooming, health, outside for relief, outside for exercise, outside for playtime and plenty of time for dog love — petting, snuggling and together time.



'Moose' an 8 week old Golden Retriever puppy learns a command from owner Chelsea Willams of Caledonia. (Press Photo/T.J. Hamilton)
‘Moose’ an 8 week old Golden Retriever puppy learns a command from owner Chelsea Willams of Caledonia.
(Press Photo/T.J. Hamilton)


There is one more crucial responsibility to commit to, for your benefit and the benefit of your dog or your puppy — time for TRAINING.  All dogs should be well trained and well behaved.  They want nothing more than to please us.  And, the best way to maximize the bond between your dog and yourself is to give it the training it needs and wants, to please you; to act in a way that you want it to act and do the things that you want it to do.


dog obedience training well behaved dogs We need to learn the basics of how a dog thinks.  We need to understand that a dog is a pack animal and someone is going to become the leader of your pack — either you or the dog.  Life will be much easier, more pleasant and fun for both of you if you learn how to become the leader instead of the dog.



Ceasar's Book, "How to Raise the Perfect Dog"
Cesar’s Book, “How to Raise the Perfect Dog”

There are many ways to learn how to do this.  Watch Cesar Millan, The Dog Whisperer, TV show every time you get a chance.  Cesar is a miracle worker with dogs and their humans.  I have always liked his catchphrase, “I rehabilitate dogs.  I train people.”  There is much wisdom and experience in that phrase.  Based on the many owners of dogs that I’ve met, I believe that it is mostly the humans who needs the training.





I Couldn't Resist Adding This One
I Couldn’t Resist Adding This One

To add to that thought, most people just do not understand how a dog thinks. That’s a good place to start.  Then, with that understanding, the human must learn how to speak (deliver) commands to his/her dog.  Dogs are individuals just like humans.  You may be able to speak more forcefully to a big dog than to a teacup poodle.  And there are many other nuances that we must learn in order to successfully work with and train our dogs.


dog-training-12.298144045_std The bottom line is that the human must learn how to train a dog.  If you have never touched a computer, you need to be trained to use it.  There is nothing different here with dog training except that a computer is not alive.  After many years of ballroom dancing training and having trained many dogs (basic obedience), I’ve always made an analogy between the two.  Both partners have to know the steps, but one of the partners has to do them backwards (opposite).



Dancing With Her Dog
Dancing With Her Dog

This example, while humorous on the surface, is quite meaningful.  You and your dog are partners.  You both have to learn the steps of the training.  Are you going to lead or will your partner lead.  The relationship will work much better if you lead.  But, you both have to know the steps.



This Took A Lot of Training for Both Partners
This Took A Lot of Training for Both Partners



Cesar Millan and His Dog That's Dog Love
Cesar Millan and His Dog – That’s Dog Love

Whether you learn from Cesar (he has several books and other training material (Google it), any other well know TV trainer, a local trainer or a basic obedience course at your local pet store, learn how a dog thinks and get some training.  Start with basic obedience training for your puppy (sit, come, stay, down and heel).  Learn to dance with your dog so that you will both enjoy dancing together.  DO IT!  You and your dog will always be glad that you did.



We Need Each Other
We Need Each Other

May you both have a long and happy life together.  I hope that this information puts a dog love smile on your face and in your heart.  That is the mission of www.DailyDosefoDogLove.com


Woof and Blessings,




Ed and Sun and Gold
Ed and Sun and Gold












New Year, New Puppy

January 1, 2016


Happy New Year!  Other than the words Happy and Year, the operative word in that sentence is NEW.  In keeping with tradition, that commonly means new resolutions, new thinking, new actions and new obligations.


New also applies to gifts that we got for Christmas, especially if you got a new dog, especially, a new puppy.  This creates a new dynamic for the owner or the family of the new puppy.  This new dynamic mandates some changes in your life:  an extra mouth to feed, walks, bathroom breaks health concerns and absorbing as much dog love as you can get.


Since the mission of www.DailyDoseofDogLove.com is to put a dog love smile on the face and in the heart of each visitor, I can think of no better way to accomplish that goal than to share the following videos with you.  They are all about new puppies.  It is so touching to see kids with a new puppy, but the same dog love experience happens whether you are 5 or 95.  In either case, the lives of the people in the videos will be changed and they will have plenty of NEW in their new year.  We all love new puppies.  Enjoy!


Woof and Blessings,






















Praying Dogs

December 31, 2015


It is the last day of the year, 2015.  How do you prepare to enter the New Year, 2016?  Do you just wake up tomorrow and stumble into another 365 days without any thought or preparation about changes for the better, better planning or even a prayer for a better year?


Prayer.  Let’s not get religious.  I don’t want to proselytize.  We all love our own dogs and we all have our own beliefs.  The prayer that I am thinking is a universal non judgemental communication with self and higher power, a commitment for change for the better.  We all want the ‘better’, but do we take the time to ‘think’ about what that better is for us.


Do we make a list of changes that we want and then turn them into goals to be acted upon to keep us conscious in a daily manner to keep moving consistently forward to achieve our goals?  Some would call this daily consciousness prayer.  Whether you call it prayer or not – whatever you call it, — my prayer for you and me is that we achieve the changes for the better that we ‘pray’ for in our New Year, 2016.


Speaking of prayer, I have always enjoyed a video of someone who taught their dog to take a prayer pose, kneeling, paws together and head bowed.  I have never taught my dogs to do this, but it always brings a dog love smile to my face and heart when I do see it.  I hope that you have the same reaction to the following photos and video.  It is the mission of www.DailyDoseofDogLove.com  to bring a dog love smile to the face and heart of each visitor


Woof and Blessings,                                                                                                   May you and your family have a Happy, Healthy, Loving and Prosperous           New Year.



Photo #1 – Thanks to:  Photobucket.com

Photo #2 – Thanks to:  AnimalBliss.com

Photo #3 – Thanks to:  http://www.tblfaithnews.com/

Photo #4 – Thanks to:  Jane Oliver Moody – Dog and Little Boy Praying

Video #1 –Thanks to:  Wenner Augistinus – Dog Praying Before Going to Bed





dog-praying-with-child Does this picture put a smile on your face and in your heart?







dogs-pray-before-eating-2This Pooch is Praying




How Could God Resist This Prayer




3a945712d1c258c40833170ab40d65c1                                                            An Idyllic Image of Boy and Dog Praying













Dog New Year’s Resolutions

Dec 30, 2015


It’s that time of the year – again –  the end of the year, 2015.  It’s our traditional time to make our resolutions for the new year.  If you are like me, making them is much more of a tradition than keeping them.  The second is much more challenging than the first.  Maybe this year!


I wonder how amusing it is for our dogs to watch us dieting, exercising or running like a young athletes for the first few days of the year, only to slip back into our old less active habits well before the end of January.  Is that stare with a slightly cocked head their way of laughing at our efforts?  It hasn’t worked on me because it has never made me self-conscious enough to keep my resolutions.  How about you?


If we could make resolutions for our dogs, I wonder if they would keep them.  They would probably be better at it than most of us.  But, what if they could make their own resolutions?


The following Dog Resolutions and videos are intended to put a dog love smile on your face and in your heart, the mission of www.DailyDoseofDogLove.com.   Enjoy!


Woof and Blessings,



Resolutions – Thanks to www.Corsinet.com  (Condensed)

Video #1 – Thanks to KatsDogs – Dazzle’s 8 New Year’s Resolutions   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVZOkYUWRaQ

Video #2 – Thanks to Smart Pet Animal Training Systems – Our Favorite Dogs and Their New Year’s Resolutions                                               https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLVKAGm9mO8



A Dog’s New Year Resolutions

I will not roll on dead seagulls, fish, crabs, etc.

I will not eat “kitty box crunchies”.

I will not eat any more socks and then re-deposit them in the backyard after processing.

The diaper pail is not a cookie jar. I will not eat the disposable diapers, especially the dirty ones.

I will not chew my human’s toothbrush and not tell them.

When in the car, I will not insist on having the window rolled down when it’s raining outside.

I will not drop soggy tennis balls in the underwear of someone who is sitting on the toilet.

I will not bark each time I hear a door bell on TV.

I will not walk under the big dog when he is peeing.

I will not steal Mom’s underwear and dance all over the back yard with it.

I will not play tug-o’-war with Dad’s underwear when he’s on the toilet.

The sofa is not a face towel. Neither are Mom & Dad’s laps.

My head does not belong in the refrigerator.

I do not need to suddenly stand straight up when I’m lying under the coffee table.

I must shake the rainwater out of my fur BEFORE entering the house.

















Dogs Training Us to Pet Them

December 29, 2015


Does your dog like to be tickled and petted?  What does it do when you stop (or atleast try to stop)?  Most dogs will let their owners know that now is not the time to stop.  In fact, you should never stop.   ‘Keep tickling and petting me’.


My Golden Retriever, Gold, was a professional at this.  He had me well trained to never stop.  If he got enough tickles in one spot, he would just move a little so that a new spot would get some petting action.


This was most evidently displayed when we visited my father after he had a stroke that left him paralyzed on his right side.  Gold and I visited him in the nursing home everyday for five years.  Gold loved Dad and Dad loved Gold (and I loved them both).  Dad was his second favorite human.


Gold was trained to walk at heel, so he was used to being on the left side of his humans.  In addition, he knew that he could only get tickled on Dad’s left side and he worked it for all he could get.  It became a choreographed daily routine between the two of them.


Here is how it went.  Dad would start by tickling Gold on the head and ears.  If Dad dozed off, Gold was quick to remind him that he hadn’t had enough petting and he would force his muzzle under Dad’s hand to wake him up for more.


When Gold had enough on his head, he would scoot forward so that his shoulders or back were getting tickled.  If Dad dozed off again — see above.  This sequence was repeated over again and again until they both fell asleep.  They both slept with smiles on their faces and in their hearts due to their love for each other.


All dogs will develop a routine with their humans to let us know how and where they want to be tickled.  They have a way of training us to do what they want.  The following videos illustrate that point.


I sincerely hope that this story and the following videos put a dog love smile on your face and in your heart because that is the mission of www.DailyDoseofDogLove.com.  Enjoy!


Woof and Blessings,